Kenya Komothai washed Kenya Komothai washed Tento mikrolot je zameraný na farmárov, ktorí dopestujú veľmi malé množstvo a v minulosti sa stávalo, že napriek excelentnej kvalite sa ich zber zamiešal do veľkých blendov a unikátnosť ich kávy sa stratila. Komothai... 13,00 46,80  Product Info Ethiopia Wibeti washed Ethiopia Wibeti washed Some of the best Ethiopian coffees come from the Kochere region. Wibeti is a cooperation of about 5,000 small farmers who use the services of a watermill of the same name. Wibeti is a... 12,00 43,20  Product Info Ethiopia Wolichu Wachu natural Ethiopia Wolichu Wachu natural The Wolichu Wachu washing station was founded in 2017 and serves 4,500 local smallholder producers in and around the town of Haro Wachu, in the Uraga district of Guji in the Oromia region of... 13,00 47,00  Product Info Indonesia Kerinci Honey Indonesia Kerinci Honey This Honey lot from Gunung Tujuh is sweet and clean, with lots of berry notes. It is a remarkable example of the amazing coffees that are coming out of Indonesia. The 250 members of... 12,00 43,20  Product Info Nicaragua El Triunfo Washed Nicaragua El Triunfo Washed José Luis Maldonado, majiteľ farmy El Triunfo, utiekol ako dieťa pred občianskou vojnou v Nikarague. V roku 2012 sa vrátil so svojim bratom späť na rodičovskú farmu, kde sa rozhodli pokračovať v pestovaní kávy.... 12,00 43,20  Product Info Colombia Estrella del Ostro Decaf Colombia Estrella del Ostro Decaf Really delicious decaf.

It is not easy to find a good decaf, but this one is really excellent, suitable for everyone who wants to indulge in the taste of specialty coffee, but their body cannot...
10,00 36,00  Product Info
Ecuador Marfil washed Ecuador Marfil washed Return of our favorite Ecuador for espresso.

Bosque de Marfil is the name of a forest in the center of Ecuador’s southernmost Loja province, and the 44 farmers who produce this coffee call this forest...
12,00 43,00  Product Info
Brazil Ecoagricola natural Brazil Ecoagricola natural Extraordinary sweet experience from espresso.

The Ecoagricola was established by brothers Marcelo and Robert Flanzer. The farm is Rainforest AllianceTM certified and has achieved high sustainability standards over the years. It has natural reserves...
8,50 30,60  Product Info
Guatemala MAM washed Guatemala MAM washed Very unique coffee for espresso

The Mam selection is a micro-region specific lot that was collected from sixty smallholder producers around La Libertad and San Pedro Necta municipalities in the Huehuetenango region.

Descendants from the Mam...
8,50 30,60  Product Info
Highlander espresso blend Highlander espresso blend There will be only one.

We have mixed an exclusive blend for lovers of chocolate espresso with the tones of cocoa, nuts, and gingerbread.

Highlander is a seasonal blend where we always pick only the fresh...
7,99 28,70  Product Info
Brazil Caramelo Doce natural Brazil Caramelo Doce natural Quality at a great price.

Caramelo Doce coffee is full of creamy body and high sweetness. Thanks to the absence of acidity, it makes it an espresso coffee for everyone.

Every week fresh roast.
6,99 25,00  Product Info

Specialty coffee roastery from Bratislava

Goriffee was established in Bratislava in 2013 when we started to import a coffee directly from farmers in Rwanda. Today we work with farmers from all over the world. Our goal is to offer our customers the highest quality and the unique taste of the coffee.

We want to support the ideas of excellent quality, traceability, and sustainability.


Who is behind Goriffee

Matej Hambalko
Sales & Marketing
Erik Šimšík
QC / green coffee selection
Amir Al Jabri
Head roaster
Panenská 33,
811 03  Bratislava
Opening hours
Mon – Fri 7:00 – 20:00
Sat 9:00 – 13:00