Dominican Rep. Cesar Ros Cascara

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Cascara – dried coffee cherries

César Ros is the owner of the farm Los Lirios and also works as head of agricultural engineers. He has been developing for the last 10 years, we highlight that he has done a tremendous job to restore coffee production in the region. The tropical climate of the Barahona region offers perfect growing conditions for this coffee from the Dominican Republic. Cesar Ros is growing coffee in a mountain area next to a little village called Polo. We are in this country with a very humid tropical climate and a closed ecosystem as it is an island, it offers some unexpected delicacy in taste and aromas.

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Taste profile: Fruity, Sweet
Recommended for: Tea

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Main information

Country of origin: Dominikánska republika

Region: Barahona

Farmer: César Ros

Altitude: 1 100 masl.

Variety: 100% typica arabica

Process: honeyThe top coat is removed from the cherry and the grain is dried in the pulp.

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Taste: caramel, cherry, honey

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