Ecuador Marfil washed

Return of our favorite Ecuador for espresso.

Bosque de Marfil is the name of a forest in the center of Ecuador’s southernmost Loja province, and the 44 farmers who produce this coffee call this forest home. As far as the cup goes, it’s a sweet, delicious ride.

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Taste profile: Chocolate, Nuts, Sweet
Recommended for: Espresso

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Main information

  • Content: Coffee beans
  • Taste: plums, honey, almonds, nougat, complex
  • Roast: medium roast
  • Variety: 100% typica &bourbon arabica
  • Region: Loja, Ecuador
  • Purchase: Caravela
  • Process: washed
  • Altitude: 1600 masl . .

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Additional information

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Taste profile

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