Guatemala Finca Medina natural

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The Finca Medina farm has a long history as it was founded in 1842. The owners are very dedicated to environmental and social approach, as up to 10% of the farm is a natural forest and coffee is grown in the shade of trees, surrounded by the original bioculture. This microlot has very deep and specific tastes that are associated with the scents and flavors of Christmas, so we chose it as an ideal gift for coffee lovers or to make the holiday morning more pleasant.

Taste profile: Fruity, Herbal, Nuts
Podľa oblasti: Coffee from central America
Podľa prípravy kávy: automatic coffee machine, Espresso coffee maker, mokka coffee maker
Coffee Brewing: Espresso
Medium Roast
1 000g
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Country of origin: Guatemala

Region: Antigua

Farm: Finca Medina

Altitude: 1 600 masl

Grinding: Whole beans

Variety: 100% caturra arabica

Process: Natural ProcessThe fruit remains on the bean, and dries undisturbed. Although it needs less investment, it still requires certain climatic conditions to ensure the drying of the fruit and seed in time.

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Taste: rum, hazelnuts, cola syrup

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Taste profile

Fruity, Herbal, Nuts





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