Honduras Oropendula Anaerobic Honey

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Finca Oropendula has been in the Chazez family since 1957 when the first coffee was planted on this farm. Located in the Montecillos area about 1 hour from the town of Marcala in the department of La Paz. This lot is fermented in an anaerobic enviroment for 36hours, then it is depulped and dried in mucilage as classic honey coffee. This process, which they have been working on at Finca Oropendula for the last three years, has created a beautiful texture and sweet flavors that will enchant every espresso lover.

Taste profile: Chocolate, Fruity, Sweet
Podľa oblasti: Coffee from central America
Podľa prípravy kávy: automatic coffee machine, Espresso coffee maker, mokka coffee maker
Coffee Brewing: Espresso
Medium Roast
1 000g
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Country of origin: Honduras

Region: Montecillos

Farm :Finca Oropendula

Altitude: 1 500 masl

Grinding: Whole beans

Coffee variety :100% lempira arabica

Process: Anaerobic honeyThe cherries are first fermented in an anaerobic environment, the peel is removed from the fermented cherry, but the pulp is left on the bone, the grain is then dried in the pulp as in conventional honey processing.

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Taste: apples, plum, toffee

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Taste profile

Chocolate, Fruity, Sweet





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