Peru Vasquez Perez Washed

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Beautiful, aromatic coffee for espresso, impresses with an extraordinary balance of flavors and sweetness. The taste combines ripe fruit with nuts and honey, which, in our opinion, is the ideal combination for a modern espresso. Sujeily Vasquez Perez is a young producer who has been growing coffee for only five years, but the result is very promising and we have no hesitation in listing this lot.

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Taste profile: Coffee, Espresso
Recommended for: Espresso

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Main information

Country of origin: Peru

Region: Cajamarca

Farmer: Sujeily Vasquez Perez

Altitude: 1,850 masl .

Grinding: Whole beans

Variety: 100% pache arabica

Process: Washed The pulp is first removed from the coffee bean, then the grain is fermented, and then washed

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Taste: pecan nuts, honey, riped fruits

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We roast coffee fresh every week


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