Rwanda Simbi Honey

Simbi is a washing station under Mount Huye in South Rwanda, owned by Abdul Rudahunga. Abdul works with a community of about 1,500 micro-farmers who supply him with coffee, which he then processes and exports. Huye’s surroundings have a very nutritious iron and volcanic soil, together with the high altitude, it was also reflected in the taste of Simbi coffees, which are dominated by tones of mandarins and oranges.

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Taste profile: Citrus, Fruity, Sweet
Recommended for: Espresso

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Main information

Country of origin: Rwanda

Region: Huye

Farmer: Abdul Rudahunga

Altitude: 1 600 masl

Variety: 100% bourbon arabica

Process: honey

Purchase: warehouse

Taste: tangerine, vanilla, caramel

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Additional information

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Taste profile

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