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Faysel Yonis, founder of Testi Coffee, is the owner of Aricha coffee station. Faysel´s focus is to make Aricha a hub for quality Yirgacheffe coffee. Faysel’s vision goes beyond coffee and business: in addition to reviving the station, Faysel has started to work with the community to build an electricity network for surrounding villages. Testi Coffee is also coordinating the construction of a school and the provision of access to clean water. In addition this natural lot is really beautiful in taste, you can find a lot of red berries, supported by tea-like hibiscus.

Coffee beans from Ethiopia Aricha natural is ideal for filter.

Taste profile: Floral, Fruity, Sweet
Podľa oblasti: Coffee from Africa
Podľa prípravy kávy: Aeropress, Chemex, French press, Hario V60
Coffee Brewing: Filter
Light roast
1 000g
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Country of origin: Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Farmer: Faysel Yonis

Altitude: 1 900 masl

Variety :100% heirloom arabica

Process: NaturalThe fruit remains on the bean, and dries undisturbed. Although it needs less investment, it still requires certain climatic conditions to ensure the drying of the fruit and seed in time.

Purchase: warehousePurchase from a warehouse.

Taste: raspberries, hibiscus, strawberries

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