Ethiopia Asefa Dukamo Natural

This lot was produced on the farm Asefa Dukamo at an extremely high altitude of up to about 2250m above sea level. Green coffee was grown by about 400 micro-farmers from a community in the Bombe Valley. The taste is layered and very dense, surprising with intense tones of strawberries and cinnamon, but also with the refreshing finish of ripe plums.

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Taste profile: Fruity, Spicy
Recommended for: Filter

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Main information

Country of origin: Ethiopia

Region: Bombe, Sidamo

Farm: Asefa Dukamo

Altitute: 2 250 m.n.m.

Variety :100% heirloom arabica

Process: NaturalThe fruit remains on the bean, and dries undisturbed. Although it needs less investment, it still requires certain climatic conditions to ensure the drying of the fruit and seed in time.

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Taste: strawberry, plum, cinnamon

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