Guatemala Aurora Natural

Finca Aurora was established in 1887. In 2002, it was purchased by the current owner POLA S.A. Totaling 121 hectares in size, Finca Aurora is surrounded by forest, rivers, and natural springs giving the plantation excellent sources for natural water and nitrogen. A canopy of pine, inga, and endemic trees helps provide shades to coffee trees. The natural process of Guatemalan coffee is not very typical, yet super interesting in its potential.

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Taste profile: Floral, Fruity, Sweet
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Main information

Country of origin: Guatemala

Region: Alta Verpaz, Coban

Farm: Finca Aurora

Altitude: 1 500 m.n.m.

Variety :100% caturra arabica

Process: NaturalThe coffee cherry is dried as a whole and only after drying is the bean removed manually.

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Taste: red grapes, panela, roses

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