Honduras Luis Alvarado macerated natural

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We have chosen this microlot from Honduras as an ideal candidate for a Christmas filter, whether to drink it during holiday mornings or to give a gift to your loved one. The beautiful profile of cocoa nibs, kiwi and honey cake is the result of specific processing. The very long maceration emphasized and extracted the flavor components of this coffee, then the coffee was dried in the shade to preserve its delicacy.

Taste profile: Chocolate, Fruity, Spicy
Podľa oblasti: Coffee from central America
Podľa prípravy kávy: Aeropress, Chemex, Hario V60
Coffee Brewing: Filter
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Country of origin: Honduras

Region: Corquín, Copán

Farmer: Luis Alvarado

Altitude:1,200 masl

Grinding: Whole beans

Coffee variety :100% lempira arabica

Process: macerated naturalThe coffee is fermented in skins and subsequently dried, similar to natural processing.

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Taste: cocoa beans, kiwi, honeydoon

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