Honduras Miguel Angel Paz Anaerobic

This organic lot was grown by farmer Miguel Angel Paz who owns the farm El Pitarrillo. The farm is situated at 1250masl and is 7 hectares of land, most of which is producing coffee. Miguel has owned the farm for 25 years and has been planting a range of varieties to compare their attributes in production and cup quality. You can try one of this interesting varieties – lempira arabica – which is produced by experimental technique of anaerobic fermentations. Thanks to that you can enjoy very deep flavors and aromas.

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Taste profile: Chocolate, Fermented, Fruity
Recommended for: Filter

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Main information

Country of origin: Honduras


Farmer: Miguel Angel Paz

Altitude :1,250mnm

Variety :100% lempira arabica

Process: anaerobic fermentation 90h

Purchase: warehouse

Taste: grapes, cocoa beans, cherry liqueur

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