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Coffee from Kianjuki watermill is a great example of AA-quality Kenyan coffee, which is without a doubt one of the best in the world. This coffee is beautifully balanced, with strong acidity, which is complemented by the sweetness of cotton candy. You can smell freshly picked flowers in the scent

This coffee Kenya Kianjuki is perfect for filtering brewing.

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Taste profile: Coffee, Filter
Recommended for: Filter

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Main information

Country of origin: Kenya

Region: Mount Kenya

Farm: Kianjuki

Altitude: 2000 masl .

Variety :100% sl28 & sl34 arabica

Process: WashedThe pulp is first removed from the coffee bean, then the grain is fermented and then washed

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Taste: cotton candy, apple, flowers

Recommended recipe

Additional information

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We roast coffee fresh every week


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We have all coffees in stock

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