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Maakiou estate also known as Maywal Estate was established by a Greek couple, Mammatas and Apostolos during the precolonial period. The name rooted its origin from the initials of the couple (MAA) AND KIU (KIOU), the river which neighbors the farm. It changed ownership in the year 1974 when it was acquired by its present owners Mawara Investment. Apart from coffee production the farm is also engaged in commercial dairy farming. The estate is a coffee plantation located in both Kiambu and Nairobi city county separated by the Riara river and it is approximately 340 acres.

Taste profile: Citrus, Fruity, Sweet
Podľa oblasti: Coffee from Africa
Podľa prípravy kávy: Aeropress, Chemex, Cold Brew, French press, Hario V60
Coffee Brewing: Filter
Light roast
1 000g
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Country of origin: Kenya

Region: Kiambu

Farm: Maakiou Estate

Altitude:1,950 m above all.m.

Grinding: Whole beans

Variety :100% sl28, ruiru & sl34 arabica

Process: WashedWet processed (washed) coffees are dried without the cherry. Washed coffee’s are de-pulped then usually fermented to promote the separation of any remaining pectin still stuck to the bean and parchment, then washed clean prior to drying.

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Taste: blackberries, tomatoes, red orange

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