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The microlot from Wamaguma water mill reflects what we like best in Kenyan coffees – high acidity combined with the sweetness of fruit candies and flowers in aroma. Thanks to the high brightness of flavors, this coffee is an addictive affair and a real delicacy. The lot is sorted strictly from peaberry beans, which are a natural mutation compared to the classic beans and excel in their density and quality.

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Taste profile: Citrus, Floral, Fruity
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Main information

Country of origin: Kenya

Region: Gatunda district, Kiambu County

Farm: Wamaguma factory

Altitude: 1 900 masl

Coffee variety: 100% sl28 & sl34 arabica

Process: washedWet processed (washed) coffees are dried without the cherry. Washed coffee’s are de-pulped then usually fermented to promote the separation of any remaining pectin still stuck to the bean and parchment, then washed clean prior to drying.

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Taste: blackberries, flowers, lemon

Grinding: Whole beans

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We roast coffee fresh every week


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