Tanzania Illomba Washed

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This Ilomba Fully washed peaberry blend is produced by smallholder farmers who deliver to Ilomba Best AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society). This coffee demonstrates the incredible potential of Tanzanian coffee farmers to produce high quality, washed coffees.

Peaberries are the result of a natural mutation in the coffee cherry. Whereas there are usually two beans nestled together in each fruit, in cherry with a peaberry mutation, only one bean forms.
As a result, peaberries are a single, rounder bean.

Taste profile: Citrus, Floral, Fruity
Podľa oblasti: Coffee from Africa
Podľa prípravy kávy: Aeropress, Chemex, Hario V60
Coffee Brewing: Filter
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Country of Origin: Tanzania

Region: Mbozi, Songwe

Farmers: kooperácia Ilomba Best AMCOS

Altitude:1,700 m above all.m.

Grinding: Whole beans

Coffee variety :100% kent arabica

Process: washed Wet processed (washed) coffees are dried without the cherry. Washed coffee’s are de-pulped then usually fermented to promote the separation of any remaining pectin still stuck to the bean and parchment, then washed clean prior to drying.

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Taste: chamomile, peaches, citrus

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